I've been studying the violin for over 27 years, and I credit my violin teachers as some of the most influential people in my life. My goal is to pass along my high quality of musical knowledge to my students and help them gain an appreciation for the instrument. Studying an instrument provides discipline and structure while allowing a person to express their creativity. There are numerous clinical studies that show music education improve cognitive abilities in other areas of life. Success in music equals success in life. 

I teach everything from classical (traditional Galamian inspired teaching method) along with Suzuki, fiddle, tango, and pop music. I also help with orchestral excerpts as many of my student are members of Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony and All City Orchestra. 

I also have experience in giving studio classes or sectionals for your school or college. For more information or to set up a trial lesson email me at lkoneal121@gmail.com

Here are some helpful hints for beginners:

-Come to lessons prepared and with all materials needed.
-Wash hands and make sure nails are neatly trimmed.
-Use bathroom.
-Spit out any chewing gum. 
-Students are allowed to bring bottled water into lessons. 
-Stretch before practicing or lessons. 
-Be disciplined about setting a weekly practicing schedule.
-No plucking, playing, or making extra noise while I am talking in lessons.
-Make sure your cell phone is on silent during lessons.
-Ask questions if something is unclear.


-For younger students, designate a parent to be a “practice partner” to help your child in their practice.
-Please turn cell phones to silent mode in lessons. If you must take a call please go outside of the lesson room to take it.
-In order for the student to focus to the best of their abilities, I do not allow siblings to sit in the room during the lesson. They are more than welcome to wait in the waiting area. 
-I encourage communication so please let me know if you have any feedback from your child’s practice during the week.

Teaching Philosophy

"As an older student and an accomplished guitar player, I wanted to learn violin. I appreciate Liz's relaxed and encouraging teaching style. Her knowledge of violin techniques and drills have helped me advance in my ability and helped me really enjoy playing and learning the violin. It was hard for me to decide to start take lessons, but Liz has always made me feel comfortable. I have been taking lessons from her for a year and a half and would highly recommend her to anyone with a desire to learn violin."


"My daughter has taken violin from Liz for 3 years and considers her lessons to be one of the highlights of her week. Liz's exceptional ability to offer just the right amount of challenge has helped Karen consistently improve her skills while building confidence along the way. As we are all aware, the key to success in any instructional setting is the relationship between the student and the teacher. Liz has garnered not only my appreciation and respect but Karen's as well, and this strong relationship has only added to her growing love and investment in playing the violin. As a parent, I appreciate Liz's focus on solid technique, clear and consistent communication and easy to understand guidance on how to support Karen at home with the skills they have worked on during lessons. I can not recommend her highly enough."


Our daughter’s confidence and enjoyment in playing the violin have increased greatly taking lessons from Liz. She has learned new techniques, and has built a consistent practice routine through Liz's instruction and top notch mentorship. With Liz's help, our daughter moved two GTCYS orchestra levels to a first violin spot at her last audition.
Liz is extremely professional and her love of the violin is contagious. We feel Liz is an encouraging and challenging instructor, who brings out the best talent in her students but also keeps it fun. Liz is a great fit for our daughter and we are excited to see what the two will accomplish in the future! 


Studio Expectations

Liz O'Neal​
Violinist and Instructor



-Each student is required to practice daily and come to his or her lessons prepared. 
-Students are expected to arrive five minutes early for their lessons. If you are running late please let me know by text or phone call. Your lesson time will not be extended if you are late. I will wait 10 minutes before assuming the student is absent. 
-Please arrive promptly and pick your child up following the lesson, as I cannot be responsible for them outside of their lesson time.


-I schedule lessons on a monthly basis. Payment is due for lessons that are canceled less than 48 hours in advance.  ​In certain circumstances (family emergency, extreme weather, extended illness) efforts will be made to reconcile lost time in the best interest of both parties. 

-Out of courtesy, please do not come to lessons if you are ill or have stayed home from school or work. I will excuse any lessons that are canceled due to illness.

-If I am unable to teach a lesson, credit for prepaid lessons will be given towards the balance for next month. 


  • 30 min private lesson $30
  • 45 min private lesson $45
  • 60 min private lesson $60

In addition to accepting cash and check as payment, I am now able to take credit cards through my PayPal account. If you would like to pay monthly with a CC, there will be a 3% fee in addition to the lesson total. If you already have a PayPal account, you can send me weekly or monthly payments directly to me as a friend for no extra fee.